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Predator Motorcycle Helmet – Why Go For Custom Helmet?


If you love owning extraordinary things that other people will admire you for then you would surely love this awesome Predator Motorcycle Helmet: What’s so special about this unique motorcycle helmet? If you watch the movie the Predator you will notice that this predator bike helmet gives you the edge over the rest of the bikers out there. Are you interested to own the most cool headgear in the world? If you are, you would be glad to know that this gear is made of high quality materials. The makers of these head gear have taken their designs further by introducing their newest models. There is really no stopping the creative juices who have thought of tapping into your interest towards this stand out riding equipment Predator motorcycle helmet .

When you purchase from us you can be assured that what you are getting is something that was handmade and really top of the notch equipment the biking industry has to offer. Do you want people to look as you pass by the main highways? This Predator Motorcycle Helmet offers other features like its laser beam. each one of the Predator motorcycle helmets has been designed by different artist which thought about every little detail when making these awesome helmets. Every order is personally worked on, and it takes about 21 – 30 business days until delivery. We offer international shipping so you can get the Predator motorcycle helmet whether you live in the United States, Europe, Asia, South Africa or any other part of the world, just order from our site from one of those predator helmet for sale.

Over The Edge Designs

Want to look like a sexy beast on the road? Your looks will immensely improve when you wear this headgear. It is made of an actual base helmet of REAL company which works basically like your protective helmet. It uses fiberglass, carbon filter and the shell is made of polyester to fit your head over the top. You can easily remove the helmet when wanted. The three red LED lights will duplicate the Predator’s targeting system, transforming you into a super cool alien on the road. However, for the sake of safety if you got poor eyesight better restrict its use on the road since it does not offer clear visibility.

Those predator helmet for sale are pre-fabricated and DOT certified to conform to the standards that govern the predator motorcycle helmet laws. Even with the use of this unique technology, this predator bike helmet packs a mean punch. The designers find a way to produce a distinctive shape, but without compromising or damaging the basic structure of what makes this helmet safe for you as a user. For starters, the shape alone can make you a number fan of this headgear. This Predator Motorcycle Helmet might look like it is owned by an alien, but inside like the REAL helmet for your safety and protection.

Even if you think that this predator helmet for sale is a novelty item because of its unique and stylish design, it actually protects your head when you ride the streets on your motor bike. The price tag of this predator helmet for sale might be expensive, but you get what you pay for and actually much more. There is simply no limit to what you can do with these head protection equipment. You can actually use it not just for biking, but for paintball games. Since it is made of durable materials you will not be afraid that being splashed with the paint will damage it. This shows the versatility of this predator bike helmet. You can also win the drag race for your team with the help of this equipment. You will definitely gain a bunch of admirers on the drag race circuit once you wear these predator motorcycle helmets. You might even get the number of photographs even from onlookers. This is really an amazing and a bad ass hard hat.

Custom Made Just For You

These hot and popular helmets are hand painted and handmade just for you and is made in Thailand. Thailand has been known for their brilliant artisans who has been known for being one of the best that the world has to offer. For your convenience before you place your orders, We have given you the values per centimeters as far as helmet size is concerned. Here is a detailed and easy to follow instructional chart.

If you plan on placing your orders before the rest of the bikers bought their piece then choose the one you like the most now, as remember each helmet is worked on by hand. The process to order is very simple and the item will be delivered right through your doorstep, we accept paypal payments, and you can pay with your credit card through paypal. All you have to do is to pick the helmet and check your options. You just click the “Buy” button and fill out the other important details like your shipping address and select your preferred method of payment then you are good to go.

If you are asking whether the distributor accepts cash on delivery, they don’t. This might sound strange but the simple explanation for this is that the helmet is only made when you order. The artist will start working on your customized piece after you make the necessary payments. Even if you live in any parts of the world, we assures you that you get international Delivery. The amount that you pay for these predator motorcycle helmets covers this cost. This means you will receive the shipment of those predator motorcycle helmets to your home. the Helmet making time takes about 21-30 business days and International orders will arrive at your doorstep within 7 to 14 days.

Express delivery is possible for extra $50 This will be even faster than when we send a regular post office mail or package to international destinations. The tracking system works closely with the respective postal service of the country where you live. This is how efficient the express shipping method with also 5-7 days delivery time. we are not just concern about giving you one of the most awesome products that are sold around the world but to make you a satisfied customer. Clearly this predator bike helmet understands your needs as a consumer and the owner of this product. Be reminded however that custom import duties as per country are different from one to the other. This means you might expect to pay the extras. You can inquire from your local post office about this. In most cases, there is simply no need for these extra fees.

Simply Awesome Features

Do you want to look awesome while you ride the open roads? How about look great when you hang out with your biker friends on the weekend? These Predator motorcycle helmets will make you feel great that sooner or later you will eventually contemplate on purchasing your next set. You will be surprised just how much other people will wave and give you the thumbs up all because you are wearing this protector. Some people will even ask for your permission to take photos of you and your helmet. In some cases, crowds would flock to you just to borrow it and ask you where you bought this predator bike helmet for sale. Everybody will admit that you are the proud possessor of this one cool customized helmet.

The latest version of the predator motorcycle helmet also includes better features Those great improved version offers a double fiberglass structure that is made with carbon reinforcement. Thanks to the untiring effort of their development team there is always a new innovation to make this product much better. However, this still guarantees that whatever you purchase will always be made with up to  your standards.

We are confident that you will find the predator motorcycle helmet to your liking. You can also get the other optional features with additional cost. The super bright LEDs come for free.

If you want to reminisce about the past and your youth, you will surely find these helmets a great topic for your parties or boys night out. Your friends will definitely stand in admiration and ask where you bought this gear because they want one. This mean looking gear will make you a predator of the highways. No one will dare to mess with you and your head protector.

Admittedly enough, not everyone has the guts to stand out from the rest of the pack. If you do not wish to be the object of such intense admiration and second glance better stay away from this predator motorcycle helmet as it will grab everyone’s attention. Want to look like a bounty hunter of this new Century? Who says that you cannot have your cake and eat it as well? Do not let the higher price tag hold you back from being the proud owner of this product. What a better way to look like you are the King of the Road than this?

Industry Standard Compliant,

If you have concerns about the safety of using these Predator Motorcycle Helmets, the base helmet are DOT certified. If you are thinking about wearing this bad ass Predator bike helmet there is simply no one stopping you from buying one or several ones to add to your collection. This is especially true for those who love collecting these not just for its smart looking aesthetics, but for a lot of valid reasons.

If you are contemplating on using your own helmet as base, we cannot accept this since they it is difficult to work to reconfigure what you own to keep up with their company and legal standards. we do not offer installment plans, we suggest that you contact your bank for financing if you lack the budget. This might be one of the reasons why people cannot purchase this product not because they don’t want to but because they do not have the financial resources to do so.

Some people who are not used to seeing such a sight might be afraid of how you look when you cruise in the highways. However, to be fair, most people will stand in admiration as you pass by. You might even be the subject of too much unwanted attention coming from fans and even complete strangers. There are actually people out there who would love to wear these predator motorcycle helmet even when going to the office. This is especially true for those who are undying fans of Predator and Alien Movies.

Step Out of the Ordinary

Picture this, cops are asking for to stop just because they want to take a photo with you wearing this helmet. You would be the envy of other bikers out there. Pretty girls will want to take their photos beside you. All thanks to the magnetic charisma of this predator motorcycle helmet. This is one of the toys for the big boys that you should not miss.

Think of it this way, a group of professionals are working round the clock to provide you the best Predator Motorcycle Helmet in the world. the helmets are hand dyed and handmade just for you.

You can choose the helmet you like best at start, and follow the steps to make an order, its easy and simple and if you need any assistance, simply contact us.

This predator motorcycle helmets dream team will repeatedly bring new innovative designs that their artists are working on. once we will receive the payment for your order, we will work to make you the helmet you chose and you are assured once the helmet was shipped we will provide you with tracking number information.  This awesome investment will pay you off in large dividends.